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Whole Tempura fried gambas maki. 15 €
Sriracha emulsion, avocado.

Tempura fried Soft shell crab maki. 15.50 €
Jalapeño salsa, tobiko roe.

Lightly smoked salmon maki. 15 €
Cucumber, dill emulsion, potato crisp.

Tuna maki. 15 €
Jalapeño/truffle cream cheese, melon, roasted coconut flakes.

Beef maki. 15 €
Scallion, soy sprouts/bok choi and Gochujang plum sauce sesame seeds.

Veggie maki. 14.50 €
Fried halloumi, soy shiitake, asparagus, roasted walnuts, Japanese emulsion.

Small courses.

Edamame. 10 €
Infused with truffle furikake.

Hamachi (Japanese amberjack) sashimi. 16 €
Sweet soy and fried shallots marinated, hijiki seaweed, trout roe.

Salmon sashimi. 15 €
Kimchi, avocado, wasabi tobiko, ponzu emulsion on wonton cracker.

Beef springrolls. 15 €
Asian salad, soy/sesame dip.

Crab buns. 16 €
Tempura fried softshell crab, in a steamed bun with kimchi mayo, avocado,
salad and topped with crispy onion.

Cauliflower buns. 15 €
Crispy fried cauliflower in steamed bun with korean chili sauce, shiso leaf and jalapeño.

Crispy fried lamb gyoza. 15 €
Tsume sauce, apple/ginger jam.

Tempura fried monkfish. 15 €
With a cold chilli salsa and shiso leaves.

Swordfish taco. 16 €
Seared and marinated with lime and strawberry, papaya salad.

Resh vietnamese vegetarian summer rolls. 15 €
With a spicy peanut sauce and topped with coriander.

Crispy fried Baby squids. 16 €
With a Hot n sour sauce .

Beef tartare. 16 €
Angus beef tartare with egg 63, chipotle emulsion, pickled cherry tomatoes,
fresh mushrooms, fried capers, wonton crackers.

Crispy fried sweet potato and shiitake dumplings. 14 €
Munchie styled hummus, asian salad .

Creamy coconut Ceviche. 16 €
Grapefruit, todays catch, edamame, crispy rice chips.

Shiitake mirin consommé. 15 €
Steamed shellfish wontons, crispy leek.

Fried Scallops. 16 €
Wakame salad, chorizo slices, pomegranate, chorizo emulsion .

Bigger courses.

Duck Teriyaki. 26 €
Thin slices of duck breast with teriyaki sauce, braised vegetables, rice
and pickled red onion..

Pork spare ribs. 25 €
Chilli and hickory glazed pork spare ribs, spicy papaya salad and fries..

Seared Swordfish. 25 €
Broccoli/dashi purée, vegetables, mango/chilli salsa, jasmine rice.

Panko fried chicken salad. 24 €
Noodles, vegetables, avocado tossed in a Thai basil dressing.

Tofu bibimbap. 23 €
Crispy fried, garlic and soy infused tofu served with pickled vegetables
and asian mixed salad with Gochujang dip sauce.

Grilled and sliced angus beef (220g). 28 €
With lemon/soy beurre blanc, fried vegetables and wasabi flavored sunflower seeds.




Apple crumble. 10 €
Served with vanilla ice cream.

Yuzy/passion panna cotta. 10 €
Fresh berries and passion fruit .

Chocolate cake. 10 €
Roasted salted hazelnuts, berries and whipped vanilla cream.

Truffles. 6 €
Ask waiter for todays flavors.

Meringue suisse. 9 €
Ice cream, banana, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, meringue.

Oreo milkshake. 9 €
Or your favorite flavors.


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